Top Reasons For Being Denied Bail Bonds Financing

Top Reasons For Being Denied Bail Bonds Financing 2 Comments
Denied Bail Bonds

When arrested and charged with a criminal offense, the first thing anyone would do is figure out the fastest way to get out of jail. Several bail bonds companies are always ready and willing to help as long as you agree to the terms and conditions attached to the bail bonds. Many bail agencies even offer flexible financing to help you out.

However, what if you contact your bonding company and they say you don’t qualify for a bail bond loan? While there could be many reasons you were denied, below are the most common reasons an agency will deny you a bail bonds loan.

You Previously Jumped Bail

Failing to show up for court can cost you now and in the future. By posting your bond, a bail bondsman and its agents trust that you will return to court for your scheduled hearing. Failing to do so without giving a valid reason only means that your bail will be forfeited and the bond company will lose the amount posted on your behalf.  The bail bondsman may refuse to grant you any bail bond loans they offer because you’re a flight risk and may decide to jump bail again.

You Previously Defaulted on a Bond

If a bail bond company discovers that you’d previously defaulted on a bail bond loan, they may decide to deny you another one. It doesn’t matter whether you defaulted with the same bail bond company or a different one. To help you gain easy access to future bail bonds loans, you may consider paying off your previous bond loan. However, if that is not a viable option for you, you may consider giving the bondsman some collateral to help you secure that bond. The collateral can be in the form of a home, a car, or jewelry. This may help to ease their concern about whether they’ll get their money back because they can simply sell your possessions to recoup their losses.

You’re a Minor

It is not possible to legally enforce contracts with individuals under the age of 18. So, if you’re a minor and trying to get a bail bonds loan to help you get out of jail, don’t be surprised if bail bond companies are reluctant to sign a contract with you. In that case, you can use a parent, a guardian or any other adult who can agree to cosign the bond agreement to get you a bail bonds loan. Some states may still consider you a minor despite reaching the age of 18, as the majority age is 21 years. So you have to be 21 years to enter contracts for bail bonds and other things.

You Don’t Have Collateral

Before you are given a bail bond loan, the bail bond company must ascertain that you can afford to pay the loan or have collateral that can help them to recoup their losses when you’re unable to settle your debt. However, if a bail bond company carries out an assessment and determines that you can’t afford to repay your bail bond, you may be denied the loan. This may also happen if your assets and those of your friends and family are not enough to settle the bond in case you default.

Always Seek Legal Help

These are the top reasons for being denied a bail bonds loan, but you can still find other ways to come up with the necessary money. You can consult an attorney to help you decide what steps you should take if you are initially denied a bail bonds loan.


  1. A friend of mine needs to pay bail, but he’s not sure how to go about it. It makes sense that getting a bail bond would be just what he needs! I’ll make sure that he knows that he needs to have some form of collateral. That way, he won’t have to worry about being denied.

  2. My friend needs to get bail bonds, but he’s not sure how to go about it. It’s a good thing that he hasn’t ever had to default on a bail bond before. It’s good to know that he shouldn’t have to worry too much about being denied because of that.

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