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Spending Too Much on Mail? Try This

Spending Too Much on Mail? Try This Leave a comment

I am an economist and the founder and owner of Finance Blog Zone

spending too much on mail

Are you spending too much on mail and don’t know what to do? Check out our tips!

The cost of living is going up, and that includes mail. While you may have thought about how you can save on your electric bill and food costs, have you thought about posting packages? If you run an online business selling physical products, then your mail bill is likely to be even higher than the average consumer’s. To help you save money in this area, discover three ways below to save on the cost of mail.

Add a Postage and Packaging Charge

The simplest way to reduce your postage costs is to charge the recipient. Many companies and individuals are reluctant to do this, but it can add up to significant savings over time. Customers are used to paying postage and packaging costs, especially for more expensive items. This only needs to amount to a couple of bucks to make a difference.


Even if you don’t run a business, you could reasonably ask the recipient to cover the costs. Someone may have asked you to post them an item and is willing to pay the postage costs for you doing so. It’s the same principle as someone needing a lift in your car offering to pay money for gas. Don’t be afraid to add a postage and packaging charge.

Mail in Bulk

When someone places an order on your online store, it can be tempting to send it out straight away. However, it’s usually more economical to send items in bulk. For instance, maybe you have a significant number of customers based in Germany. Wait until you get ten or so orders from Germany, and then send them all in one go.

Once in the country, the items will be separately posted to their respective destinations. In the first instance, though, it’s usually possible to mail them all at once. Doing so will vastly decrease the cost per package, creating big savings over time. Create a mailing schedule and only post items when it’s the most economical to do so.

Use an Online Comparison Tool

Have you ever thought about switching your courier delivery service? In many cases, this can bring massive savings. Of course, it’s not always the case, but doing your research can help you track down a better deal. One of the quickest and most effective ways of doing this is by using an online courier comparison tool.

This will bring up a list of options according to your criteria, allowing you to compare the cost of a particular delivery service with the benefits it offers. You can then select a courier quote that best fits your needs and, hopefully, save a bit of cash on each item you send. Doing this little bit of extra research can make all the difference.

Spending Too Much on Mail is a Thing of the Past!

There are so many areas in life where it’s possible to make savings. Anyone who uses the postal service often should think about cutting the costs of delivery. This can either be done by charging the recipient a small amount, sending items in bulk, or using an online comparison tool to find a better deal.

I am an economist and the founder and owner of Finance Blog Zone

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