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Top Finance Blogs According To Top Finance Bloggers 6 Comments
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Have you ever wondered what today’s finance gurus read during their spare time?

Some of them are just like us, they spend time on the internet, reading and following blogs that they find informative.

Since  they are the experts when it comes to personal finance, we asked them what their favorite finance blogs are and they were gracious enough to oblige us with their answers.

Here are the top finance blogs according to their replies:

1st placeBudgets Are Sexy – with 15 mentions

2nd placeMr. Money Mustache – with 5 mentions

3rd placeFinancial SamuraiGood Financial Cents and Wise Bread – with 4 mentions

4th placeFree Money FinanceMoney CrashersWallet Hacks, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, and The Simple Dollar, – with 3 mentions each

5th place – Busy BudgeterCait Flanders, Get Rich Slowly, Kitces.com, Madfientist, Modest Money, Money BossMoneyningPTMoneyRockstar Finance, and Zero Hedge – with 2 mentions each

…and the rest, with a mention each – A Gai Shan Life, Afford Anything, All About Asset Allocation, Alpha Architect, Berkshire Hathaway Letters to Shareholders, Bogleheads, Budgeting In the Funstuff,  Can I Retire Yet, Canadian Couch Potato, Cash Money Life, The Chicago Financial Planner, Clever Dude, Club Thrifty, Debt Roundup, Dividend Diplomats, Dividend Growth Investor, Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Dough Roller, Early Retirement Extreme, FinanceGuy.org, Frugal Wiz, Give Me My Five BucksGo Curry Cracker, How Do I Money, I Pick Up Pennies, James Altucherjlcollinsnh, JoeTaxpayer.comLauren Greutman, Mebfaber , Michael James on Money, Millionaire Next Door, Millionare Dad, Money for Lunch, Money in the 20s, Money Mini Blog, Money Saving Mom, Mr. Tako Escapes, My Fab Finance, My Money Blog, My Own Advisor, NerdWallet, New American Dream, Nomad Capitalist, Oblivious Investor, Penny Hoarder, Reach Financial Independence, Retire By 40, Root of Good, Seed Time, Sovereign Man, Stacking Benjamins, Sure Dividend, The Blunt Bean Counter, The Finance Buff, The Krazy Coupon Lady, Think Save Retire, Untemplater, and USAA Financial Advice Blog

Read on to find out what top finance bloggers have to say.


Trent Hamm (The Simple Dollar)

My three favorite blogs (besides my own) are:

Of course, if you were to ask in a month, my list might be different, as there are many personal finance related blogs out there that write great articles!

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David Ning (MoneyNing) David Ning

There are too many awesome financial blogs out there but I tend to read these three the most:


And I read them because their articles often times challenge me to stay sharp with my finances.

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Tracie Fobes (Penny Pinchin Mom) Tracie Fobes

Some of my favorites are:

Rockstar Finance
Stacking Benjamins

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J. Money (RockstarFinance.com) J.Money

I’m really digging the following three blogs lately:


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Philip Taylor (PT Money) 

I don’t like to pick favorites necessarily, but there are several blogs that are really speaking to me and my situation recently so I’m paying more attention to them than others.

1. Dough Roller  – Rob is just a few years ahead of me and where I want to be financially and so his stuff is really aspirational for me as well as educational.

2. Root of Good – Justin helps me relate to the financial independence topic as a family man.

3. Budgets Are Sexy – J.Money is always sharing the best new FinTech info.

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Rob Berger (DoughRoller) Rob Berger

Here are my 3:

Millionaire Next Door
All About Asset Allocation
Berkshire Hathaway Letters to Shareholders (you can get a book that compiles all of them)

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Lazy Man and Money Lazy Man and Money

1. LazyManAndMoney.com (you have to love yourself)
2. RetireBy40.org
3. WalletHacks.com

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Fitz Villafuerte (FitzVillafuerte.com) 

Here’s my top 3.

1. Get Rich Slowly

I like how JD shares his life story and how a good handle of his finances changed how he lives today. The key really to successfully handling your finances starts in the proper mindset, which JD expertly

2. The Simple Dollar

Similar to JD, Trent also gives strong emphasis on the mindset and talks about behavioral finance. I’m a frugal person and Trent’s stories often resonate with me.

3. I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Ramit is a great source of motivation, and teaches not only personal finance but internet marketing as well. His writing has helped me improved how I market my blog.

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Sara (Dealicious Mom) Sara

Budgets Are Sexy
If you like humor this blog’s for you! Written by a guy who calls himself “”J.Money”” this site offers solid personal finance advice in a fun and hip manner. Skip it if you’re offended by mild profanity and occasional grammatical errors.

The Simple Dollar
This blog includes lots of tips on cutting expenses and living frugally. The site’s founder, Trent Hamm, has written a book called *365 Ways to Live Cheap!*. I love that they post regularly about current topics but also have a solid toolkit of info to gain perspective on any financial question.

USAA Financial Advice Blog

A non-bias and matter-of-fact resource for everything financial from Life & Health Insurance and College Planning to Investing and much more. Oriented to families with someone that has served in the military but the blog is relevant and available to everyone.

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SB (One Cent at a Time)

1. Mr. Money Mustache
2. Good Financial Cents
3. Financial Samurai

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Deacon Hayes (Well Kept Wallet) Deacon Hayes

Budgets are Sexy
Mr. Money Mustache
Club Thrifty 

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Miranda Marquit (Planting Money Seeds)  Miranda Marquit

My two favorite finance blogs are:
Money Boss
Wallet Hacks

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Aaron (Three Thrifty Guys) three thrifty guys

Top favorite finance blogs are:


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Todd Tresidder (Financial Mentor)Todd

I don’t read finance blogs since they’re mostly personal finance issues, which are fairly straightforward. You can only read so many tips posts on ways to save money and how to budget. Instead, my focus is on quantitative investment strategy and advanced retirement planning concepts. My regular reads feature research and include http://mebfaber.com/http://www.alphaarchitect.com/, and https://www.kitces.com.

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Hank Coleman (Money Q and A) 

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Michelle Schroeder  (Making Sense of Cents) michelle

My favorite finance blogs are BudgetsAreSexy.com and MrMoneyMustache.com. Both of these blogs always have new and interesting content that I always jump to read whenever something new is published.

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Alan Whitton (Canadian Personal Finance BlogAlan

1) Michael James on Money

Always astounding analysis, and attention to detail on finance things, that most other folks don’t even understand.

2) My Own Advisor

Can a dividend investor reach his goal of early retirement? Time will tell, but always fun to read.

3) The Blunt Bean Counter

Answers reader’s questions, is a great tax resource, and again goes in to more details than most writers (but then again this is his real job (i.e. being an accountant). I can live with the fact that he is a Leafs fan.

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Andrew Hallam (Andrew Hallam.com) Andrew

My favorite finance blogger is Paula Pant, at affordanything.com and Dan Bortololotti, at the Canadian Couch Potato.

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Edwin (Cash the Check) edwin

Here’s my list:

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Mike McNeil (The Dividend Guy / The Financial Blogger

#1 Dividend Growth Investor

One of the first dividend blogs I started reading and probably among the oldest dividend blogs (besides this one! Hahaha). What I really like about DGI is that he has a very solid investing philosophy and doesn’t trade lightly. His decisions are based on sound reasoning.

#2 Sure Dividend

Ben and I share several things in common starting with our investing style and dividend growth investing process. This is probably the blogger that has the most investing similarities with me. I like his clean design and also appreciate that he is offering a paid service like me as a sideline ;-).

#3 Dividend Diplomats

These two kids (Lanny & Bert) are amazing. What surprises me the most is how much they sacrifice to save and invest their money to reach financial independence. I’ll never reach their level of savings and they are a source of inspiration.

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Barbara Friedbarbaraberg (Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance)

Oblivious Investor
The Chicago Financial Planner
Don’t Quit Your Day Job
Good Financial Cents

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Usiere Uko (Financial Freedom Inspiration) 

1) Get rich slowly
2) Reach Financial Independence
3) Modest Money

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Stephanie Kibler (Poorer Than You) 

Budgets Are Sexy  by J Money, who always keeps it real, with a huge dose of good humor in all of his posts.
A Gai Shan Life  by Revanche, who lets us in all the inner workings of her personal financial journey.
Wallet Hacks  by Jim Wang, who has been blogging about money for so much longer than most of us (even me!), but is still serving up really fresh content.

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Martin Dasko (Studenomics)

Budgets are sexy
Good Financial Cents
Financial Samurai


Donna Freedman (Surviving and Thriving) Donna

1. Wise Bread (wisebread.com). This site can help you save money in just about every possible way, from bag lunches to early retirement strategies.

2. NerdWallet (nerdwallet.com). Tons of advice on all things financial.

3. I Pick Up Pennies (ipickuppennies.net). “Frugality in an imperfect world” is the theme, i.e., money-saving tactics for those who live with depression, chronic illness or other issues. Typical PF advice doesn’t always work for those whose lives aren’t typical. (Full disclosure: The site author is my daughter.)

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DJ (My Money Design)  

1. http://www.budgetsaresexy.com/ has always been a favorite of mine. Somehow, someway, J-Money finds a way to make personal finance entertaining and witty. As a blogger myself, I can recognize that this is not exactly an easy thing to do. On top of that, the advice he gives out is always extremely practical.

2. http://www.madfientist.com/ is another blog I really like because nearly every article specifically focuses on how to achieve early retirement. A lot of times, this is done in a very analytical and technical way – pure gold for a financial nerd like me! His podcasts are also really interesting and fun to listen to. I always learn a lot of good information from them.

3. https://www.kitces.com/ – What else can I say? Michael Kitces is the man! Take any retirement planning topic, no matter how complex, and Kitces will give it to you straight. To me, he’s pretty much the final word and authority in this field.

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Lena (What Mommy Does)

I would say my favorites are Penny HoarderThe Busy Budgeter , and Money Saving Mom.

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Mrs Money (Ultimate Money Blog)Mrs Money

My favorite blogs are budgetsaresexy.com, budgetinginthefunstuff.com and of course, my own! 🙂

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Mitch Mitchell (Top Finance Blog)

My Fab Finance  is a site that’s more like a motivational finance blog where you learn tips at the same time as get encouragement in working towards being fiscally responsible.

Clever Dude  is a site where the writer tells you his ongoing story of increasing his wealth while bringing down his debts, and it’s a pretty engaging blog.

Lauren Greutman  This is someone I know personally whose turned her own family quest from just trying to get them out of debt into a full fledged career. These days you’ll see her on many national TV programs offering tips on how to save money on all sorts of items.


Aloysa (My Broken Coin) 

I’d say that my top 3 personal finance blogs are:

1. http://www.busybudgeter.com/
2. http://www.thesimpledollar.com/
3. http://caitflanders.com/

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Jon Dulin (Money Smart Guides

Budgets Are Sexy
Free Money Finance

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Peter Christopher (Finance Care Guide

I am a huge fan of the following blogs.



Tim Artisan (Wealth Artisan

Far and away, my favorite financial blog is zerohedge.com. They’re a bit on the fringe side of a lot of financial news, but I can’t help but to respect the level of depth you can get from some of their content. It isn’t for everyone, but they certainly have their place. They’ll certainly leave you with an impression- for better or worse.

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James Hendrickson (Saving Advice

There are a couple of blogs that I think merit mentioning as a top.

First is budgetsaresexy.com, second is moneyboss.com, third is one of my sites, savingadvice.com.


Ivan (Funding Note

Here’s my top 3 finance blogs (I’m interested in offshore/internationalization, so…)



                                           – https://www.sovereignman.com/blog/


Maggie (Square Pennies

Here are my top 3 finance blogs:

1) Good Financial Sense for basic and important financial planning and decision making (advice from a CPA) http://www.goodfinancialcents.com/blog/

2) Money Crashers for ways to solve everyday financial problems http://www.moneycrashers.com

3) The Krazy Coupon Lady for bringing amazing deals to your inbox http://thekrazycouponlady.com

Profile: Maggie, mom of four wonderful kids, blogs at SquarePennies.com where she shares creative tips and tricks to save money. She will teach you to have a rich life while staying within budget. Her motto is “Live better for less!”


Hunter (Funancials

1. Financialsamurai.com
2. Bogleheads.org
3. Rockstarfinance.com

Svilen Andreev (Smart Debt Solutions) 

Below are some of my favorite finance blogs:

Google +

Amit Singh (The International Finance)

My favorite finance blogs are:

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Juan Carlos Moya (Millionaire Man

1) http://millionairedad.blogspot.fi/
2) http://www.freemoneyfinance.com/


Sam Dogen (Financial Samurai

My favorite blog finance blog is Untemplater.com because it combines lifestyle and personal finance. Sydney has transparent income reports and real world advice for those looking to build wealth and transition out of the mundane and into something more exciting.


Kurt Fischer (Money Counselor

My three favorite personal finance blogs at the moment are, in random order are:

1. Money MiniBlog
2. New American Dream
3. Think Save Retire

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Nunzio Bruno (Disruptive Strategy

My favorite personal finance blog is www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com. I have been a huge fan of Ramit since I read his book in 2010. His blog and resources help people do more than just save money, they get control of
their lives. He is awesome about sharing real strategies, templates and even scripts that anyone can use to better their financial situations right now. I’m also a fan of how he delivers his information. He’s great at delivering actionable content without the fluff and everything he shares is always thoroughly vetted and tested – way more than just “savings theory”. This is a website that I’ve come back to every week for the better part of a decade and will continue to because Ramit and his team are constantly upping the value they deliver to their readers.

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TJ (Brave New Life

I don’t follow a lot of blogs. Actually, now that I’ve retired and bought a farm I don’t spend much time on the internet at all. But there were two blogs that were essential to helping me on my way to achieving financial independence and early retirement.

1. Early Retirement Extreme – Ignore the cheesy name, which is the only cheesy part of the entire blog. Jacob, the author, is a tremendous critical thinker and communicator. The way he breaks down information in a logical
and easy to understand manner could be useful to anyone, especially anyone coming from an engineering background like me. His book, and corresponding blog, enabled me to turn my natural frugalness into a key that unlocked the ultimate goal of financial independence. I would not be retired right now if it weren’t for his writing.

2. Mr Money Mustache – I think just about everyone that follows any financial websites already knows about MMM. For me, as I was approaching retirement, his story was a reminder that retiring early wasn’t just something that worked on paper, it was something that real people with normal lives and families could do. His writing style is fun, his information is good, and the community over there is very active. I don’t read the blog anymore because I’m busy doing my own thing, but I still drop by his forums when I’m looking for real world advice from people that have similar financial goals.


Joe Udo (Retire by 40

Here are my 3 favorite blogs. They are a good mix of serious and lighter

– http://www.budgetsaresexy.com/

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Charles King (Finance News Pro)


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Ben Rome (Young Finance Guy


Sean Bryant (One Smart Dollar

My favorites are BudgetsAreSexy.com, MoneyCrashers.com, and PTMoney.com

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(Her Every Cent Counts hereverycentcounts




I hope you enjoyed finding out what the favorite blogs of today’s top financial bloggers are.

If you know any good finance blog that no one mentioned, feel free to place it in the comments section below.

Below you can find some resources for more great finance blogs:



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